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11.05.2021 | Quinta do Pôpa pioneer in the (re)opening of its wine tourism


  • Immersion in the Douro of the grandchildren of Pôpa, now just a click away at the digital address


On 11 of May, it is already tomorrow that the Douro’s Quinta do Pôpa (re) opens the doors of its wine tourism, this time in double dose. Speaking of a reopening for on-site visits, virtually and digitally, we face an absolute and pioneering debut in Portugal. The creative siblings Vanessa and Stéphane Ferreira can now share their Quinta by the Douro river, inviting wine lovers, tourists, and the curious to virtual immersion. They will be able to take a tour of the winery and wine cellar and visit and shop at the wine store, all at a digital access distance.


From August onwards, virtual visits to the vineyards will be added, lighting up through the website or a QR Code present in the new counter labels for the wines of Quinta do Pôpa. This is an initiative full of dynamism, a reflection of what are, in essence, the grandchildren of Pôpa and the cycle of vineyards and wine: to capture the attention of visitors, more than once and throughout the year, the website and the virtual tours will integrate permanent news and updates, using videos, but also new information, relevant to the visitor, who, when signing up as a member of the Pôpafriends Wine & Club – on the Quinta do Pôpa website -, will receive reminders of those same updates.


Entering Quinta do Pôpa virtually is an experience that does not replace the live and color visit, of course. Still, it helps a lot, even more in this phase of pandemic and mandatory distance. And there are advantages since the visit can be made at any time of the day and night and it is free.


The digital “site” remains, www.quintadopô, but the opening of these virtual doors dictated that the website be restructured, being even more adapted to today. Thus, from any part of the world, as long as they have access to the internet – via computer, tablet, or mobile phone – and the legal age to do so, everyone will be able to access this piece of world heritage. An initiative launched by Vanessa Ferreira, together with her wine and digital team, who challenged 360 Unit and Pelican Bay, specialized in digital platforms, to develop this project.



For Stéphane Ferreira, this is another step on the path to a fully sustainable offer, which he expects to achieve in five years. “With this tool, we will be able to reach more people, sharing our history and our wines, without having to travel to us immediately. Digital transformation plays a significant role in sustainable development and has enormous potential to contribute to the protection of ecosystems and the proximity of different communities”, says the co-owner of Quinta do Pôpa.


Visitas virtuais gratuitas, mas têm apelo de apoio à associação Bagos d’Ouro

Free virtual tours have an appeal to support the association Bagos d’Ouro An initiative that kicks off another partnership, this time of a social nature. Quinta do Pôpa makes these virtual visits available for free but invites anyone who wants to help Bagos d’Ouro donate directly to the association’s account, which was born out of a dream which supports equal opportunities for children in the region. Do the Douro, with the motto: “So that the Grain of today are the Bagos d’Ouro of tomorrow.”. A premise based on the motto of Quinta do Pôpa, which is the result of the dream of the grandfather Pôpa, realized by his son Zeca (from Pôpa) and celebrated by his grandchildren (from Pôpa).


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