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DARE TO DREAM | Three wines, one trip!

Inspired by a phrase that our father told us countless times:

“We are all in the same station. Just grab the train of opportunity which wants it!”


The amphoras are an undoubted link to the past. We use them for the romanticism involved in old winemaking techniques and the unique interactivity with wine. CURTIMENTA is an unusual white, which combines the richness of red with the freshness of white grapes. We often like to say: “it’s a new pop of color on our wine list.”

Amphoras are well known and appreciated all over the world. This style of wine is made for centuries. They give extra depth and length to the wines, often playing crucial roles in top restaurant wine lists. It’s an excellent wine for food pairing. It’s usually a choice for many wine lovers. Well-made amphora can be an enjoyable and fun wine to drink!