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Meet Quinta do Pôpa’s Head Winemaker


12.04.2021 Quinta do Pôpa hires Carlos Raposo as Head Winemaker.

Winemaker will partner with co-owner Stéphane Ferreira

The year 2021 will be of several changes for Quinta do Pôpa. Let’s start with the new cellar team; Carlos Raposo is joining the team as a Head Winemaker, who will partner with Stéphane Ferreira, grandson of Pôpa and Quinta co-owner. A choice goes hand in hand with a reinforced commitment by Quinta do Pôpa to a sustainability policy.

His biggest dream is to create authentic and unique wines that reflect the terroir of origin most purely and naturally. Carlos will continue work developed by the viticulture team, led by Rui Soares. With the help of the co-owner, Stéphane Ferreira, active and intervening voice in the creation of tribute wines born at Quinta do Pôpa.



From a very young age, Carlos Raposo felt a deep connection with mother nature. He accomplishes his degree in Viticulture from the University of Burgundy and a master’s degree in enology from the University of Bordeaux. While studying, Carlos worked in several wineries around the world. In 2011 he returned to his homeland, and it was in Portugal where he met one of his mentors and the leading wine producer, Dirk Niepoort. Carlos worked with him in the Douro for the next seven years. In 2018, he created his project Vinhos Inperfeitos and worked as a consultant for several wineries around the country. “Exposing the current and future mission of Quinta do Pôpa, hiring of oenologist-consultant Carlos Raposo was the perfect fit of our mindsets. Wine can satisfy our senses concerning a place that goes beyond a region. Having Quinta do Pôpa vineyards producing grapes with this magical and consistent skill, from vintage to vintage. It is necessary to ensure that in the winery this protection of the unique expressiveness of the place is done by invoking again what we call the true sense of Pôpa place .”, Says Vanessa Ferreira, co-owner and responsible for marketing and communication at Quinta do Pôpa .

The dream continues…